11th Jan – In the mountains

Having set the challenge to post a new video every day, I quickly realise I’ll have to depend mostly on holiday footage. These clips have been sat on the camera for 6 months, unstitched, so now I’m working my way through them. What I like about this shot is the framing. The 360 world is open, but you can direct the viewers eye with the framing. If the viewer doesn’t look around, then they miss that great view. With all storytelling, not everyone gets all the details.

9th Jan – Kids gloving

VR Gloving was my first 360 video idea. I’m sure a unique experience can be created. So in Italy I get the kids to try out my gloves. Even though they’d rather play with their friend, they entertain my request. Low lighting effects the quality. I’m sitting in the stitch line but don’t want the tripod to fall over. At this point I’m using the selfie stick.