19th Jan – Duplo House

The kids build grand designs with Duplo that you want to live in, so I want to create an experience to imagine what it would be like. The kids build better than I can and it’s organic, but too crazy around the camera. Also the building has to be quite tall to be higher than the camera on tripod, which makes it less interesting as we run out of bricks. I’m just working with what I’ve got and since we have so many toys, they’re my props. 

The black circles top and bottom are because the image wasn’t set to ‘stretch to fit’ in Premiere Pro, so creates a letterbox image and black circles when exported. 

17th Jan – Brexit Victoria sponge cake

The Cake Maker Movie is my brand so expecting to see some baking. Here I am making Victoria sponge cake whilst Theresa May gives her Brexit speech. Note how clean the work top near the TV is. That work top is my nemesis. The stitch line could be better. Uploading a new video every day is proving challenging and sometimes we just make do. 

15th Jan – Moneglia!

This is one of my favourite 360 video shots, as it demonstrates the best use of the camera. That view is amazing and it’s worth seeing the whole thing. On one side you have the sea, the other the mountains.The lighting is fantastic and the cloudless sky so blue. Don’t know why I have that expression. I may look strange smiling to myself so I choose RBF.  I would prefer to be out of shot, but I can’t just leave my camera. Maybe I can wear a mask and this can become a thing: “Where’s Paulette?” “Oh, there she is lurking behind that tree”.

14th Jan – More park

More footage from yesterday. I should have adjusted the brightness, but this is a bit of a faff. You have to wifi the PixPro app to both cameras separately from your phone and manually adjust. Perhaps this can be done with the remote and both cameras synced. Probably not a good idea. Because the cameras are pointed in opposite directions, lighting can be different on either side. I have a couple of examples of how you get a two tone effect  from the Italy footage. These are things to consider when setting up your shots. I like how having the camera positioned low in the second shot, leads you to look up.  

I’m always lurking in the background so will have to think of things to do…

13th Jan – Today it snowed

First trip to Brockwell Park with the camera, looking for inspiration. We always visit the ducks. It was so windy, I had to lean the camera against the rail. If you look down, you get the feeling of being on a boat. Wonder if you could cheat this by stitching the front clip twice. Would be a diamond shaped boat, but an interesting image. I’ll give it a try.